Thoughts and Comments

As Inheriting the City has drawn to a close, we are inviting you to share your thoughts and comments about the conference. We’ll post photos and further information soon. Please use the comments section on this page to keep the conversations going!


7 thoughts on “Thoughts and Comments

  1. It was like the world has come together to discuss some important issues on the legacy of the past and other similar subjects. Thank you for this opportunity to join and listen and share. I think i grew larger inside myself 🙂


  2. Dear All,
    In the bedside table in the Taipei hotel where I stayed, there was a book of wisdom that encouraged me to read an adage each day. On the first day of our conference, this is the one to which the book opened: “To get along with others, we must feel grateful for events that help us grow, feel thankful for chances to hone ourselves, reform ourselves through the Dharma, and inspire others through exemplary behavior.”

    These wise words framed the conference for me as I learned from each of you. I am extremely grateful to have had such a rich and inspirational experience. Thank you to each and everyone for broadening my scope of knowledge.

    My deepest thanks goes to Mike Robinson for all that it takes to put this conference together, to Hannah and her kind patience, and to all of the staff- those who were seen and those who were not- for their diligence and dedication.

    With sincerity,
    Lesley Lababidi

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  3. Dear Hannah,
    Thank you for everything! The conference format, content and venue were wonderful. The diversity and richness of topics really enhanced the experience. Thanks again.


  4. Thank you for the staff of conference and Hannah. You have done a perfect job. When I recall the conference in Taipei, some people and some things would be unforgettable.Thank you again!


  5. Thank you for a really wonderful conference. Everything went so smoothly and the variety and array of speakers and papers were most interesting and stimulating. Fantastic venue, activities, services, and assistance by staff and workers. A most memorable and inspiring conference–I can’t wait for next year’s–many thanks!


  6. Thanks for a very well coordinated and executed conference. It was interesting to note how such a broad range of subjects from all the corners of the world shared common themes and challenges. I found the conference to be enlightening and inspiring. Thank you again Mike Robinson and Hannah for a job well done.


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