For conference programme please click here: Conference Programme

For an outline programme, please click here: Outline Programme

Please note that this is a draft schedule which is subject to change.

Please click the following links to find out more about our conference highlights:


A selection of the abstracts that will be presented at the conference

Conference Reception

The conference reception will be hosted by the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taipei City Government at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Join us on the first night of the conference for drinks, networking and a tour of this fabulous historic venue.

Keynote Speakers

The conference will be opened by Professor Tim Winter and Adjunct Associate Professor Lai Chee Kein, read more about our Keynotes and their presentations here.

Study Visits

Explore Taipei’s heritage with our guided study visits as part of the conference programme.



2 thoughts on “Programme

    1. Dear Chaolee, Thank you for your question. This conference was promoted widely across the world and across Taiwan. The result was that nearly forty countries attended the event including many delegates from Taiwan and Taipei. The conference was a multi-disciplinary conference though it did attract many academics who presented papers from architecture and planning. This included a significant number of architects and planners presenting their research from universities in Taipei and Taiwan. The Call for Papers for the conference was announced over a year ago and everyone had the opportunity to submit an abstract on their research or attend the conference as a paying delegate. So, the conference did not ignore local architecture schools and planning schools in Taipei, Taiwan or anywhere else in the world. If you wish to be added to our direct mailing list so as not to miss future events please send your details through to us.


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