Conference Banquet

“You are warmly welcomed to the historic port of Keelung for the Conference Dinner. Keelung is a wonderful working example of heritage led urban regeneration and we are looking forward to meeting you.” Lin You-chang, Mayor of Keelung

About Keelung

The conference banquet will take place at the historic port city of Keelung. The port , situated on the northern tip of the island of Taiwan, opened to international trade in 1860 and was expanded between 1895 and 1945 during the Japanese occupation. During the Second World War, the port was heavily bombed, destroying many of its wharves. After the war, the Keelung Harbour Bureau led the clean-up and redevelopment of the area. Keelung is now Taiwan’s second largest port and a thriving area with a bustling night market (Maiokou Market) and many heritage sites across the city. Browse the cultural heritage of Keelung through its various sites and monuments here, and visit the city as part of our conference package.