Conference Reception: National Taiwan Museum

Join us on Friday 1st April, 18:30, for a reception hosted by National Taiwan Museum.

The Museum, the oldest in Taiwan, was established in 1908. The Japanese government wanted to commemorate the opening of the North-South Mainline Railway and so established the Taiwan Viceroy’s Office Museum on October 24, 1908. In its early days, its collection boasted over 10,000 objects. In 1913, funds were collected to build the “Viceroy Kodama Gentaro and Chief Civil Administrator Goto Shinpei Memorial Museum.” In 1915, construction of the Museum’s new home was completed. It was one of the most noteworthy public buildings built by the Japanese colonial government in Taiwan.

After the relocation of the National Government of the Republic of China to Taiwan in 1949, the Museum came under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Department of Education and its name was changed to “Taiwan Provincial Museum.” In 1961 and 1994, the Museum was closed for extensive renovations. In 1999, the Museum came under the purview of the central government and underwent a new christening as the “National Taiwan Museum.” Although its name has changed, the Museum is the only museum built in Japanese colonial era that, after wars and changes in government, remains open at its original site. Today the Museum retains the scale it had when it opened. The collection and research continue to focus on anthropology, earth sciences, zoology, and botany that are relevant to Taiwan. Through themed exhibitions, educational activities, publications, and various cooperation plans, the Museum publicizes the role of humans in protecting the environment and the importance of biological and cultural diversity.

The conference reception is generously supported by National Taiwan Museum and Chinese Association of Museums.