Inderscience Publishers

A selection of relevant journals from our media partner Inderscience Publishers:

International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism

Digital technologies have introduced a paradigm shift in how organisations, cultural institutions and tourist companies operate. Current technological and quantitative approaches to information technology are insufficient for a deeper understanding of the implications of this shift, which requires a deeper qualitative and social analysis of electronic technologies’ impact on cultural and tourist business than currently found. IJDCET fills this gap, fostering dialogue about how culture and tourism require an integrated approach emphasising content, context and multiple, dynamic views of interactions.

International Journal of Tourism Anthropology

IJTA is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to advanced theory, research and practice in the field of tourism anthropology. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of tourism anthropology, IJTA encourages manuscripts from interrelated disciplines – including ethnography, ethnics, sociology, psychology, archaeology, art, linguistics, economics, politics, history, philosophy, geography, and ecology – in order to publish original, high-quality and cutting-edge research on all aspects of tourism anthropology and to offer a new, integrated perspective of the field.

International Journal of Tourism Policy

IJTP provides a forum for scholars and policy makers to exchange views and ideas at an international level on key issues that shape the growth of today’s tourism industry. IJTP takes the view that tourism activity takes place within a socio-cultural, political, economic and environmental context. Therefore, groups involved with tourism need to be sensitive to emerging issues which may affect the industry and future policy-making.

International Journal of Sustainable Society

The impacts of society touch everyone. They may be considerable, even critical. Societal problems, especially those remaining unchecked and unmanaged, can weaken, threaten, or even destroy, society. Production produces pollution; medication generates side-effects; pesticide causes poisoning; innovation can lead to unemployment, etc. IJSSoc deals not only with whether modern society should be sustainable, but also the ways in which this could/should come about, balancing economic development/environmental protection, real aggregate demand/aggregate supply, human beings/nature, consumption/preservation, material/spiritual pleasures, civil liberty/self-restraint, hedonism/practicality, science/society.

International Journal of Cultural Management

IJCM publishes high quality manuscripts of a theoretical or empirical nature that analyse issues related to cultural management. IJCM targets scholars from academia, the business community and the public sector. Its objective is to attract original work from various disciplines, using varied methodologies to facilitate discussion regarding all aspects of management and the managed use of culture. IJCM is open to different approaches (political economy analysis, economic evaluation analysis, financial analysis, sociological analysis, etc.), and welcomes critical review articles.