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What is Urban History? Shane Ewen,(2015, Polity)

What is Urban History? is an engaging and accessible introduction to the field of urban history by a leading scholar in the field. In addition to detailing the rise of urban history to its place as one of the most prominent subdisciplines of history today, Shane Ewen also draws readers’ attention to the central debates currently happening between urban historians and suggests how urban history will develop in the future. For more information, see:

Planetary Gentrification, Loretta Lees, Hyun Bang Shin and Ernesto López-Morales, (2016, Polity)
This is a much-needed critical reassessment of what gentrification means today on a global scale. Combining approaches from comparative urbanism, planetary urbanization and political economy, Planetary Gentrification moves beyond classic examples of New York and London to explore non-Western cases, such as slum gentrification and mega-displacement, and argues that gentrification is one of the most significant and socially unjust processes affecting cities today.