Top Tips

Top Tips for your trip to Taipei and the Inheriting the City conference

Getting Around

To Taipei

There are direct coaches between Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei. For information on buses and taxis from the airport please see here.

To the Conference Venue

MRT: The CKS Memorial Hall has its own metro station conveniently located near the entrance. Travel on the Red Tamsui Xinyi Line or the Green Songshan Xindian Line to reach CKS Memorial Hall. Click here for a metro map.

Bus Routes: Easily accessible bus routes weave through the whole of Taipei. Click here for more information


Taipei’s Food Culture has become recognised all over the world for its outstanding cultural array of delicious ethnic foods. There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Selections range from local specialties to fantastic international cuisine:

Night Markets are a fixture in Taiwan and Taipei doesn’t disappoint. Most are open nightly and offer a variety of fresh Taiwanese snacks, clothing, or fun accessories.  Some markets are busy normal city streets during the day that transform to bustling markets in the evening. Others are established locations that are closed during the day but open in the evening. Night markets usually start up at dusk and continue until about midnight. Taiwanese night markets are a Taiwanese experience that is not to be missed. Click here for more information

Taipei City Sites

Taipei is home to a wealth of fascinating heritage sites and attractions, some of which we will have the opportunity to experience during our study visits on Sunday. For those that have a little longer to explore, the Lonely Planet guide offers an excellent and comprehensive list of places to visit in the city. See an outline of the top sites here and start planning!