A selection of accepted abstracts for Inheriting the City: Advancing Understandings of Urban Heritage. 

Please note: This page shows a selection of accepted abstracts only.

Al Ahmadi, A. Noha, UK: Jeddah Historic Festival: Activating Inherited Built and Urban Heritage

Aline Martins Martello, Brazil: The Yellow House: Forging Beirut’s heritage and memory

A.Remesar, X. Salas and T. Vidal, Spain: Remembrance as heritage: A view from Barcelona

Antonia Grant, UK: Contested heritage: rebuilding a cultural offer for the London Borough of Brent

Camilo Contreras Delgado, Mexico: Monterrey, Mexico: Patterns location and new metropolitan areas of its industrial heritage (1850-1950)

Charmaine Kaimikaua and Judy Battaglia, USA: Layered Landscapes of New York City’s High-line and Shanghai’s Lujiazui Skyline: The Blending of Historical Memories and Contemporary Design in Transforming Urban Spaces As Temporal Platforms for Innovation, Re-invention and Mediation in Preserving Cultural Product

Chemi Shiff, Israel: Conservation in mixed cities – negotiating between competing narratives: The case study of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Clara Zanardi, Italy: The World Lost Venice: How the ungoverned mass tourism turned one of the most famous cities of the world into a sinking icon

Cristiano Croci, Italy: Historic and ethnograpchic research for the preservation, promotion and a better bottom-down urban heritage treatment. The case of Petrini-Spigadoro S.p.a

Constantin Canavas, Germany: The Warehouse City of Hamburg: Constructing the narrative(s) of the urban heritage

Diana Maldonado, Mexico: Urban Futuristic Heritage: Rethinking ‘Hybrid’ Traditions on Latin American Border Settlements

Edna Langenthal, Israel: Architectural Trace

Efrat Vertes, Irael: Preserving Tel Aviv – From urban to ex-territorial zoning

Gabriela Lee, Mexico: Urban heritage: Morphology, memory and perception. A case study of three former villages on the northern edge of Mexico City

Giulia Falovo, Germany: The Making of Cultural Heritage: revitalizing urban spaces through community engagement

George Martin, Canada: An evolving heritage: Cooperation and the emergence of ‘main street’ heritage in Canada 1970-1985

Gruia Bădescu, UK: Cosmopolitan Heritage? Post-War Reconstruction and Urban Imaginaries in Sarajevo and Beirut

Heather Shirey, USA: Representing Resistance to Slavery in the Urban Landscape: Memorials in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Hui-Mei Chen , Taiwan: Adaptive Reuse and Implementation Challenges to Contracting Out Urban Declared Monument and Historic Buildings in Taiwan

Jai Xu, China: The Romanticised History and Memory of Shanghai

Jana Das Chaudhuri, India: Advancing understanding of urban heritage: A case of Delhi

Jen-Hao Chang, Taiwan: Towards a sustainable Dadaocheng historic district: The historic urban landscapes approach in Taipei

John Walsh, Thailand: The Struggle for Control of Bangkok’s Streets since the Coup of 2014

Julián Roa Triana, Columbia: The Glass Museum of Bogota – Identity and Participation with Transparency

Ka Hou Leong, China: The influence of cultural heritage to tourism in Macao

Katie Cummer, China: Forgotten Heritage: The Use and Future of Military Heritage Assets in Hong Kong

Kathryn M. Hudson andJohn S. Henderson, USA: Rebuilding Legitimacy: Appropriating the Urban Architectural Past in Colonial Latin America

Karl Bell, UK: Inheriting Phantasmal Cities: Urban Ghost Lore as Intangible Heritage

Kecia Fong, Australia: Heritage Conservation and Asian Urban Modernity: Re configuring Yangon

Kristal Buckley and Steven Cooke, Australia: Sustainability and Urban Conservation: Genealogies of the Historic Urban Landscape approach

Lachlan Barber, China: What difference does walking make? Productive encounters with urban heritage on foot

Le Thi Phuong Linh, Vietnam: Public perception and public willingness-to-pay for conserving urban heritage trees in Vietnam

Liza Kam, Germany: Queen’s Pier as ultimate subaltern Heritage: Rise of Neo‐colonialism through demolition of Colonial Heritage and the belated rise of anti‐colonial suppression in Hong Kong

Louise Yang, Taiwan: Crafts as Ritual Memories: Conservation Issue of Religious Experience

María Fernanda García Burbano, Columbia: Cultural itinerary 18 Catholic combination of tangible and intangible heritage in the urban center of San Juan de Pasto Colombia -Nariño churches

Mariam Ibrahim Al-Mulla, Qatar: Glocalisation politicising Qatari Heritage

Melina Guirnaldos Díaz, UK: Exploring new value-creating processes of Post-industrial Heritage areas. The case of Poblenou in Barcelona

María Siguencia Avila, Ecuador: How can the HUL approach improve heritage management in Cuenca?

Min Jay Kang, Taiwan: Re-envisioning Taipei’s urban identity through a typology of its cultural landscapes

Mi Li, Japan: Virtualization of urban space in small and medium sized cities

Michael Chapman, Australia: Productions of Space: nostalgia and memory in industrial heritage

Michael Hughes, UAE: Incremental Urbanism: A Case Study in Cultural Sustainability and Resilient Traditions at the Domestic Scale

Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem, UK: Conserving the Relevance of Heritage: Corrective actions for sustainable historic fabric of the Arab city

Morgan Campbell, USA: Repurposing or removing: Who benefits from the mainstreaming of urban heritage?

Muritala Monsuru Olalekan, Nigeria: Animating Spaces: the Transformation of Colonial Prison to Freedom Park in Lagos

Nicolas Navarro, Canada: The Villes et pays d’art et d’histoire : Between protection and promotion of heritage in French historic cities

Njabulo Chipangura, South Africa: Colonial Historic Buildings Conservation and Conflicts in Zimbabwe

Nikoletta Palaiologou, Greece: Patras revisited: Revitalizing the city through reinterpreting its cultural heritage

Pablo Nicolas Robassio, Canada: The Ambiguity of ‘Public Interest’ – Torontonian Heritage Conservation District Redevelopment

Pin-Cheng Chan, Taiwan: Urban development, heritage preservation, and community building: The revitalization of Gui-Yang street, Taipei

Rachael Unsworth, UK: Connecting the past to the future: A vision for heritage

Richard W. Hallett and Russell Zanca, USA: Constructing and branding Astana: Promoting the Heritage of the New Capital of Kazakhstan

Runa Dasgupta Goswami, India: Immortalizing the dynamic latent corridors-conservation of urban heritage

Sarvesh Kumar and Rana P.B. Singh, India: Urban Heritage and Pilgrimage-Tourism in Ayodhya, India: An Evaluation

Shuang Wu, USA: Translating Bacon’s Legacy to current and future generations – Implications of the 20th century Society Hill Urban Renewal Project to Sustaining Urban Heritages

Shyam Sunder Kawan, Nepal: Conserving the conservation trends in the cultural capital

Soonki Kim, South Korea: Hahoe Village’s World Heritage Site Inscription Impacts on Andong City: A case study through Tourists’ perceptions and behaviours

Ting An, UK: London’s Chinatown: Whose Heritage?

Vivienne Marquart, Germany: Modernity through Heritage: Istanbul’s Heritage Revival

Walter Rossa, Portugal: Tales of two capital-cities: Urbanistic Heritage and Urban Resilience

Yiping Dong and Binchao Hou, China: Heritage Making Process in Chinese Context: Conceptualization of Industrial heritage in Yangtzepu Area, Shanghai

Yin  Pao-Ning, Taiwan: Cultural Heritage, Landscape of Gastronomy and the Cultural-led Urban Regeneration in Taiwan

Yoonjee Koh, USA: Living Heritage: Streams of Consciousness in Buk-Chon


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